Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yen trapped between 94.00 and 94.40

Fri, Aug 21 2009, 02:45 GMT (Buenos Aires) – USD/JPY Current Price: 94.23. Trapped between 94.00 and 94.40 zone, hourly indicators hold the bearish bias, while 20 SMA still has a bearish slope despite current candle opening above it. Bigger time frames also support further falls in the pair, with 93.66, weekly low as key support.

“Once this zone gives up downside momentum will likely accelerate and send the pair to the 93.20 zone, ahead of stronger 92.80 level,” said Valeria Bednarik, collaborator at

Support levels: 94.00 93.70 93.20. Resistance levels: 94.25 94.55 94.80.

USD/JPY (Aug 21 at 05:03 GMT)

93.58/58 (-0.67%)

H 94.29 L 93.46

[?]Trend Index[?]OB/OS Index
Data updated on Aug 21 at 05:00 (15-minute timeframe)

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