Monday, August 31, 2009

Forex: EUR/USD: Euro bounces at 1.4255 and returns to 1.4285

Mon, Aug 31 2009, 07:51 GMT (Barcelona) - The Euro has strengthened right after the European session opening and, after bouncing at 1.4255 low, the pair has returned to test previous session low at 1.4285.

In case of breaking above here, next resistance level for the Euro could be 1.4315 Asian session high, and above here, 1.4350 and 1.4390 (Aug 28 high). On the downside, support levels are 1.4250/55 (Session low), and in case of further decline, 1.4220 (Aug 27 low) and 1.4205 (Aug 26 low).

On a weekly perspective, the analysis team foresees a downward correction, needed to gather momentum to assault 1.4420 resistance. "The pair is in need to decline to gather bullish momentum which is supported by the stochastic indicator. The decline we expect is nothing more than a correction to gather enough momentum before rebounding to the upside in an attempt to breach 1.4420 and maintain trading above it. Trading above 1.4035 will keep the trend to the upside yet a breach of this level may alter the short term trend."

EUR/USD (Aug 31 at 08:55 GMT)

1.4291/97 (-0.10%)

H 1.4317 L 1.4252

[?]Trend Index[?]OB/OS Index
Strongly BullishNeutral
Data updated on Aug 31 at 08:50 (15-minute timeframe)

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Forex: GBP/USD: Pound testing levels below 1.6200

Mon, Aug 31 2009, 08:06 GMT (Barcelona) - The Sterling has weakened further on Asian session, and decline from 1.6385 high on Friday has extended to 1.6185 low ahead of the European session opening, although the par has ret6urned to levels right above 1.6200 afterwards.

According to Liviu Flesar, technical analyst at InnerFX the Pound is on trerenewes bearish pressure, although 1.6100 level should hold declines: "The resistance region started around 1.6385 has provided a stable turning point on last intra-day rally and downside is under renewed pressure today (...) Intra-day price action points towards the downside at the time of writing this article. Extended losses may reach 1.6100-1.6150 later today but 1.6100 will probably limit the downside."

Support levels at the moment, lie at 1.6150 (Aug 26 and 27 low) and below here, 1.6120 and 1.6030 (Jul 13 low). On the upside, in case of recovery above 1.6225, next resistance levels could be 1.6270 (Aug 17 high), 1.4300 (session high) and 1.4380 (Aug 28 high).

GBP/USD (Aug 31 at 08:52 GMT)

1.6213/18 (-0.30%)

H 1.63 L 1.6181

[?]Trend Index[?]OB/OS Index
Slightly BullishNeutral
Data updated on Aug 31 at 08:50 (15-minute timeframe)

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