Thursday, August 27, 2009

JPY crosses holding bid tone in early Tokyo

Fri, Aug 28 2009, 00:19 GMT

EUR/JPY is back up close to rumoured sell ordesr at 134.80/00 but is showing little signs of tiredness. It must be Friday as I've been thinking to myself that USD/JPY might be a good buy. Perhaps I need a break! I'll hand over to Sam for the next few hours and turn my platform off to resist taking trades I don't really believe in.

EURJPY pulls back slightly into fix

Fri, Aug 28 2009, 01:07 GMT

EURJPY and other Yen crosses have pulled back a touch into the Tokyo fix after solid early morning gains. Traders report some sell orders at 135.00, after already running up this morning from the low 134's on short covering. However the pullback has only been 30 odd pips with good demand seen on dips today. Once again the Asian Equity markets will be in focus. The Nikkei is currently up 0.6%.

AUDUSD retests overnight highs

Fri, Aug 28 2009, 01:42 GMT

AUDUSD is trading above 84c and looks set to challenge the overnight high of 8417. There are sell orders ahead of 8430 and then more up at the previous top 8470/80. Market is short AUDUSD and AUDJPY on the back of Asian equity markets, in particular the Shanghai Composite, which traders believe should remain under pressure heading into month end. Personally, I will be selling into the rally up towards 8470/80 if I see it.

EUR/USD Current Price: 1.4369

Fri, Aug 28 2009, 01:50 GMT (Buenos Aires) – EUR/USD Current Price: 1.4369. Pair upside break due to thin market conditions late America, has left the pair consolidating above 1.4340 now strong support area, and with doors open for further rises, as 4 hours charts have indicators support the bias.

“A bit exhausted in the hourly, some consolidation could be seen during next hours, ahead of another break out,” said Valeria Bednarik, collaborator at Only under 1.4300 pair can regain downside strength.

Support levels: 1.4340 1.4300 1.4250. Resistance levels 1.4380 1.4410 1.4445.

EUR/USD (Aug 28 at 06:02 GMT)

1.4358/59 (0.08%)

H 1.4378 L 1.4344

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Data updated on Aug 28 at 05:15 (15-minute timeframe)

Sterling's movement seems to be corrective

Fri, Aug 28 2009, 02:45 GMT (Buenos Aires) – GBP/USD Current Price: 1.6295. Turning bullish upside rally seem more limited in the pair, as the bearish trend remains intact; most likely, current movement seems to be corrective, ahead of further falls once the pair settles.

Limited by 1.6300, 20 SMA in 4 hours charts, pair needs to confirm above that level to extend closer to 1.6360 area. “Once under 1.6270, correction will be complete and pair ready to regain the downside,” said Valeria Bednarik, collaborator at

Support levels: 1.6270 1.6220 1.6160. Resistance levels: 1.6330 1.6360 1.6400.

GBP/USD (Aug 28 at 06:01 GMT)

1.6286/90 (0.11%)

H 1.63014 L 1.6259

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Data updated on Aug 28 at 05:15 (15-minute timeframe)

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Yen hit fresh low at 93.20

Fri, Aug 28 2009, 03:00 GMT (Buenos Aires) – USD/JPY Current Price: 93.82. Pair hit a 5 week fresh low at 93.20 before rebounding back up, still capped under 94.00 and range bound.

“No clear bias for next hours, only above 94.20 pair could extend upside rally, while downside likely limited by 92.80 area, as bigger time frames are showing signs of exhaustion to the downside,” said Valeria Bednarik, collaborator at

Support levels: 93.70 93.40 93.10. Resistance levels: 94.10 94.45 94.80.

USD/JPY (Aug 28 at 06:01 GMT)

93.71/72 (0.27%)

H 93.86 L 93.41

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Data updated on Aug 28 at 05:15 (15-minute timeframe)

USDJPY: Stops reported under 93.00

Fri, Aug 28 2009, 03:44 GMT

Been told that there are stops under 93.00 in USDJPY. Couldbe an interesting Monday morning after the election, if those stops are still around.