Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Asian markets, mostly down following Wall Street, Euro and Pound, lower

Wed, Sep 2 2009, 06:04 GMT (Barcelona) - Asian stock markets are going through losses on Wednesday following a negative session in Wall Street, while Chinese stocks rose. Euro and Pound are trading at week lows after Tuesday's declines.

Japanese Nikkei Index declined 2.8%, with South Korean Kospi Index 0.7% lower. Australia's S&P Index declined 2.0% and Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index dropped 1.8%. Chinese Shangai Composite Index rose 0.5%.

Banks, commodity producers and exporters have been the biggest losers in a session dominated by risk aversion, on the back of considerable declines on U.S. markets, with investors concerned about further turmoil in the banking sector, as well as in the industrial sector and in global economy.

Euro and Pound retreat to week lows

EUR/USD took a big dip on Tuesday's U.S. session, from 1.4379 high during European trading time, the Euro plunged all the way to 1.4177 on U.S. session, to consolidate during Asian trade in a range from 1.4200 to 1.4227.

GBP/USD rallied on Tuesday's Asian session to a week high at 1.4375 to drop afterwards to 1.6115 low, which so far has hold Pound's decline, and the pair attempted to appreciate reaching levels around 1.6175 ahead of the European session opening.

USD/JPY rose on Tuesday's U.S. session to 93.45, to drop later to intra-week low area at 92.50. During Asian session, the pair has launched a shy recovery attempt, reaching levels around 92.90 at the time of writing.

EUR/USD (Sep 02 at 07:33 GMT)

1.4219/23 (0.00%)

H 1.4247 L 1.4187

[?]Trend Index[?]OB/OS Index
Data updated on Sep 02 at 07:30 (15-minute timeframe)

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